About ceramics art

Hebron City has a more than 500-year-old history of ceramics and glass. Ceramics are a part of Palestinian heritage.
Ceramics were used to cool water before there was refrigeration.
Every home used, and still uses, the glass we make in Hebron as a Palestinian tradition.

Our Factory in Hebron city produces high quality handmade ceramic products for kitchenware , Tableware , Drinkware , Trays , gifts and a lot of beautiful amazing traditional ceramic products with a variety of Color, Design, shape, and Dimensions.


STUNNING!! These are incredibly gorgeous special pieces that are more beautiful in person. Can’t believe these hand painted pieces are shipped straight from Jerusalem!

Susie - United States

Excellent customer service, very fast delivery, excellent quality and a very beautiful set. I highly recommend this store.

Alice - Germany

I ordered the king’s set tableware. I like the quality and the colors. I ordered the blue and white and I will do more orders. I would recommend this seller, for the high quality products, credibility, easy and quick service.

Maram - Canada

I am too scared to use my items due to the extreme beauty and art that is currently sitting on my coffee table. I am in awe of this seller and cannot wait to buy more items! Thank you Malek 1 million times over and more 😍😍

Rema - Australia