About Us

Ceramicstoreart is a store selling Handmade Hand Painted High Quality Authentic Palestinian Ceramics directly from the city of Hebron in Palestine to Worldwide.

Hebron City has a more than 500-year-old history of ceramics and glass. Ceramics are a part of Palestinian heritage.

Ceramics were used to cool water before there was refrigeration.

Every home used, and still uses the ceramics products we make in Hebron as a Palestinian tradition.

Our Factory in Hebron city is one of the biggest producers in Palestine. We make high quality handmade ceramic products for kitchenware , Tableware , Drinkware , Trays , gifts , Ceramic magnets,  Vases, Ash trays , Ceramic trays , ceramic Tiles , Jugs,  hanging Plates and a lot of beautiful amazing traditional ceramic pieces with a variety of Color, Design, shape, and Dimension.

We do offer custom orders and engraving.

The process to make a single piece takes almost one week. First the clay is put on a pottery wheel and shaped by hand. The next day, after it has dried, the edges are smoothed by hand using water and a sponge. Then the piece is fired in a kiln at 1500 degrees for two days. After it comes out, the artisans paint the black outlines and fill designs with colors. It is sprayed twice with a shiny, protective glaze and then dipped into the glaze one more time before firing for 24 hours.

Our Products are used for serving food and drinks.
All of our Products are Handmade Hand-Painted Made in Palestine/Hebron.
Our products are lead-free and can be washed in the dishwasher.

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